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Be A Square Peg—5 Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Reception Seating

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If you’re looking for a fun alternative to traditional wedding reception layout, there is good news. Modern brides and grooms have a lot more choices when it comes to table and guest placement than they may think. Here are 5 great options to change up a traditional reception in any wedding venue.

Family Style. Family style seating involves replacing traditional round tables with longer rectangle tables—often placed in long rows. Family style tables add a great symmetry to the layout. They also help encourage conversation and make a wedding dinner seem more intimate.

Square It Up. The simple act of trading round reception tables for square seating arrangements can bring a new, crisp feeling to any reception. While you may have to spend a little more on linens, this single change can be an easy fix for finding a more formal, modern style.

Mix-and-Match. Rather than rely on one single style of table, you can also choose to incorporate two or three different styles. For example, placing a pair of long, rectangular tables in an “X” shape in the center allows you to complement the look with round or square tables placed around the sides. Mix-and-Match gives you alternatives when it comes to seating your guests, too.

Lounge Furnishings. If you really want to create a unique and casual reception, skip the formal tables-and-chairs setup entirely. Instead, opt for seating lounges sprinkled around the venue. These lounges can be any style you prefer, and often include comfy spots like love seats, upholstered chairs, parfait tables, and coffee tables. Lounge style seating encourages people to mingle and relax, and it works well for any size reception.

Skip the Sweetheart Table. Couples who want to be able to share their day with loved ones may also enjoy a layout that gets rid of the traditional “sweetheart table”. Rather than sharing their meals at the front of the reception at a separate table, consider having different courses at different tables among the guests. Include in your seating chart reserved chairs for the bridal couple at tables designated for family or close friends, then share a particular course with each. Your guests will enjoy the intimacy of this seating arrangement, and the bride and groom can interact with loved ones on their busy day.

By choosing any of these alternative table layouts, you can design a wedding reception that will leave special memories both for you and for your guests for years to come. For more information, contact companies like The Manoa Grand Ballroom.

Standing Out From The Crowd: What NLP Is Not

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If you’ve been looking for a way to change your life for the better but have always seemed to end up in the same old pattern, neuro-linguistic programming could be very beneficial for you. But it’s essential that you go into your sessions knowing what NLP can do for you and what it can’t do, or what it’s not. For people just learning about the system, it can be easily confused with some other modalities for changing your life.

The Law of Attraction

The concept of reframing in NLP sounds a lot like the practice of revision or even the affirmations used in law-of-attraction techniques. It is possible to use NLP as part of a law-of-attraction practice, if that helps you, because the reframing used in NLP can help change your perspective enough to allow intentions to manifest. However, NLP itself is a much more methodical procedure that is meant to help you overcome negative perceptions, giving you the clarity you want to redirect your life.


That NLP and hypnosis are not the same should be obvious, but even these two are still easily confused. NLP is an active, conscious process, and while hypnosis can be used occasionally to help you along or help you through a few rough spots or plateaus, it is not the main way in which you would work through NLP processes. If you undergo NLP work, you’re going to work, think, and act as appropriate, rather than letting someone just feed you information and instructions on how to act while you’re in a hypnotic state.

Deep Therapy

Because many of the earlier experimenters in NLP were psychotherapists, NLP can have a psycho-therapeutic bent. The techniques are often used as part of psychotherapy, but they are not a substitute for the deep therapy needed to process and deal with traumatic events, for example. In other words, if you are struggling with past events in your life that have severely impacted you, relying on NLP alone is not advisable. If you have an NLP-only practitioner that you like, ask the practitioner and a therapist to work together to ensure you have well-rounded and appropriate treatment.

If you have other questions about how NLP works, talk to the coaches you find and see what they do to ensure their clients progress. NLP can be very helpful, and you would do well to search for a coach that you click with. Click here to learn more about NLP training.

5 Tips For Selecting A Wedding Venue

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Planning a wedding can be very fun and exciting, but it can also be quite stressful. When you’re spending a lot of money on your big day, it is natural to want every detail to be perfect. Use the following tips to help you choose the perfect venue for your wedding and reception:

Set a Wedding Date

Before you can book a wedding venue, you and your fiance need to settle on a wedding date. You may want to select a date that is significant in your relationship, or consult family and friends who are important to you to find a date that will allow all of your loved ones to be present to see you get married.

Make a Guest List

Before you can find the perfect venue, it is essential to know how many guests you will be inviting to your wedding. It is a good idea to sit down with your fiance and make a comprehensive list of all of your friends and relatives that you plan to invite to invite to join you in your wedding festivities. While not every person that you invite will be able to attend, it is a good idea to book a wedding venue that has the space to accommodate your entire guest list. 

Establish a Budget

Establishing a budget and knowing exactly how much you can afford to spend on your wedding is very important and should be done before looking at an wedding venues. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a certain venue only to learn that the fee to use the space is more than your budget will allow. 

Tour Several Facilities

Before deciding on the place where your wedding and reception will be held, tour several different venues. Make sure you understand the rental fees, and what is included in the total cost. It is also important to ask about vendors, such as caterers and photographers. Some wedding venues allow couples to select their own vendors, while others require using approved vendors affiliated with the venue. 

Meet With the Wedding Coordinator for the Venue

Before signing a contract to use a venue, such as Chez Shari, for your wedding, make sure you have a meeting with their event or wedding coordinator. When planning your wedding, your want to work with someone who can help execute your vision and ensure that your wedding day is free from problems. 

Three Wedding Planning Tips

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Your wedding can easily be one of the largest and most important events that you organize.  Unfortunately, it can be easy to make oversights that can lead to problems or additional expenses, but you can use these tips to help you avoid these mistakes so you can get the most from your wedding.

Opt For A Facility That Can Include Catering

Providing food for your wedding reception can be essential for ensuring that your guests have an enjoyable time. Yet, there can be substantial costs that are involved with hiring a catering service, and you may not want to divert this money from your wedding budget.

Luckily, there are many wedding venues that partner with local catering services so that they can include these services in the cost of renting the facility or provide them with a deep discount for being referred to the catering service by the venue. By using wedding venues that offer these benefits, you can help to ensure that your guests are served delicious food for the best price possible.

Plan For Parking

Depending on the number of guests that you plan to have at your wedding reception, you may need to plan for parking. While many wedding venues can offer limited parking accommodations, you will need to make sure that you have enough spots reserved to accommodate any support staff for the reception and your guests. To help ensure orderly parking, you may want to hire a valet service. These services can help to minimize the need for your guests to walk and they may also reduce parking congestion because the valet can park cars a distance from the venue and retrieve them when guests are ready to leave.  

Invest In A Wedding Liability Insurance Policy

It is an unfortunate fact that accidents can happen at your wedding, and this can be especially true if alcohol will be served. Sadly, you may be held liable for any injuries that are sustained. To help protect yourself against this legal risk, you should make sure to invest in a wedding liability policy. These policies will cover you in the event of an accidental injury during your wedding and reception.

In addition to protecting you against this risk, these policies will also cover you in the event that your guests cause damage to the venue. Without this type of policy, you may find that you are personally responsible for paying for these damages. While this may sound intimidating, these policies are usually extremely affordable, and there are many venues that partner with insurance agencies to make adding this coverage as easy as possible.

Questions To Ask When You Hire A Video Editor

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Hiring a professional video editor, like one at Watrous Video Productions, can truly make your creative projects come to life. Whether you need a promotional video done for work or you want to compile various video clips shot during a memorable family event, the skill of a trained editor will give you a video that is enjoyable to watch. Given that there are likely a variety of video editors advertising their services in your city, it’s important to take your time finding the right one. One way to increase your likelihood of finding the editor best suited for you and your project is to ask these questions to a few editors and assess the answers.

What Role Do I Have In The Project?

Some clients wish to simply let the video editor work his or her magic, while others want to have more of a say in shaping the final product. Think about your intent concerning the project and then ask the editor what role he or she expects you to have. Some editors want their clients to make notes when they submit the raw video files, while others will actually invite the client to see a draft partway through the editing process. Make sure that your expectations are in alignment with how the editor wishes to work.

Is It Possible To Make Changes Afterward?

When you meet the editor at the conclusion of the project to view your video, ideally you’ll be thrilled with the end result. In some cases, however, you might wish to make a small change to a certain clip. Ask the editor if it’s possible to make such changes afterward. Your editor wants you to be satisfied and will likely respond in the affirmative, but you should check to see if there are any fees associated with this request, as well as how extensive the changes to the project after the fact can be.

What Video Formats Will You Give Me?

Video editors can often supply their clients with different video formats to suit their needs. For example, you might want to have something in full 1080p high definition to enjoy on your TV at home or something in HD that you can post online and send the link to family and friends. Conversely, you might be looking for something of a lower resolution that can play quickly on mobile devices for your staff or customers. In many cases, you may wish to have the video given to you in multiple resolutions, so make sure that the editor can address this request in advance.

Four Unique Wedding Floral Bouquets For Your Special Day

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When it comes to wedding decorations, you might be stumped on having wedding bouquets make a splash when you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle. There are a few unique options that florists can provide depending on the style and season of your wedding. Here are four unique wedding bouquet ideas you might want to incorporate into your special day.

1. Opt for Greenery over Flowers

A pretty a winter bouquet can incorporate the beauty of the season with pine needles, branches, and pinecones. This sturdy bouquet that can be interspersed with berries and holly to bring in a splash of color. On the flipside, pulling from the tropics, large palm or banana leaves can be interspersed with small orchids. These flowers will add accents, but the overall bouquet with lush green leaves will hold up on their own.

2. Succulents for the Summer

Great for a seaside or desert wedding, succulents are hearty and will look great throughout both your wedding and reception. These can complement a light, airy wedding with light greens, purples and yellows that can all be incorporated depending on succulents used. Succulents can even be arranged in a way that will make these plantable after your wedding for memories for years to come.

3. Incorporate Feathers and Dried Flowers

If you want your bridesmaids to have a keepsake for your wedding, a floral bouquet that looks alive but won’t wither after your event can be perfect. By incorporating dried flowers, branches, and feathers, this style of bouquet can be beautiful and rustic at the same time. Flowers that dry well and keep their color and shape are larkspur, lavender, and baby’s breath. Silk butterflies or other creations can be whimsical additions as well. While live flowers might not be used, your florist should be able to put together this type of original bouquet with supplies they already have on hand.

4. Sticking to One Type of Flower

A bold statement for wedding bouquets is to go with one type of flower or only one color. This can bring a bold splash of color if your bridesmaid dresses might be muted. If you do opt for simple uniform bouquets, some great options are bunches of roses, hydrangeas, or lilies. These can all look stylish on their own and make a great arrangement.

Be sure to let your florist know about the overall theme of your wedding and the colors that you are working with. If you need advice when it comes to unique arrangements for your wedding bouquets, your florist can give you some fresh ideas that will be specifically designed to go perfectly with your wedding.

For a florist, click on this link or do an online search. 

Five Frugal Graduation Party Ideas

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Graduating high school and heading out into the adult world is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated. These parties are often the final opportunity for graduates to have all of their best friends together for one last night of being carefree. Every parent wants to make it memorable and exciting, but after all the expenses associated with graduation and the upcoming college years, they may lack the budget to go big. Here are a few tips for making it less expensive without sacrificing the enjoyment. 

Stay At Home At-home parties are more intimate and much more affordable. Dining out, renting an event center or even going to a local park will include planning ahead with reservations, tipping servers or extra trips home and back to bring gifts and decorations. It is easier to be frugal at home where there are less temptations to splurge and where the party can continue as long as desired without any additional fees. 

Save With Rentals People often use rental services for their tents, tables and chairs, but fail to realize that a lot of what they are purchasing for their parties could also be rented. Many rental companies (such as Ken Rent) now offer lighting, food service equipment and all table linens. Some even offer carnival games, dance floors and staging as well as audio/visual equipment. The rental fee will often include set up and delivery of many larger items, so it can avoid the need renting a truck to pick up items. 

Use Items Creatively Make use of existing items in a creative way to prevent needing to make a purchase. For example, use a plastic kiddie pool for storing drinks in ice, rather than buying additional coolers. It makes the items easy to see and easy to grab. If there is no pool, consider clean mop buckets, old washtubs or even a kids wagon. Inside, the kitchen sink or bathtub would work equally well. Make ice over the course of the week prior to the party to reduce what needs to be purchased. 

Schedule it Casually Rather than trying to have a dinner party where everyone should be in attendance during a certain period of time, keep it running all day. Ask guests to drop in and join the fun when it is convenient for them. This makes it easier to put out a table of snacks and beverages, and not necessarily be expected to serve an elaborate dinner. With a casual affair it is also acceptable to mention that guests can bring their favorite snack or signature dish and have a buffet table set out for these items. 

Use Social Media Skip paper invitations. They can be expensive even when they are homemade. Instead, use social media sites to set up an event or post an online invitation. Alternatively, consider an online invitation website. There are a variety of different sites that offer this service for free. Some will even allow the user to print an invitation (or as many as they would like) for a small fee. This is an easy way to make certain everyone will get all of the same information, even if you still need a traditional invitation for grandparents or other Internet hold-outs. 

Graduation parties are often the parents final opportunity to see their children with all of their friends that have been in and out of their home for years. The party does not have to be elaborate to be a success. Teaming up with other parents or relatives makes it easy to pool resources for even more savings. Keep it lighthearted, make everyone feel welcome and look for inexpensive ways to keep everyone comfortable, entertained and fed.   

Come Rain Or Come Shine: Gown Considerations For An Outdoor Wedding Venue

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With summer fast on its way, wedding season is in full bloom; the ability to have weddings outside is one of the primary reasons the fascination with being a “June bride” exists, after all. But with an outdoor wedding comes a bit of anxiety about the surprises Mother Nature can create, especially when it comes to the health and safety of your wedding dress. So if you’re looking to figure out what considerations for your gown you need to keep in mind for your wedding in the great outdoors, then here’s what you need to know.

Consider Material

The material of your wedding dress can make all the difference in how it fits you – and all the difference in how well it handles being outside. For an outdoor wedding, it’s imperative you choose a fabric that can handle being out in the less-than-sterile open air of nature; sturdier fabrics like taffeta, tulle, gabardine, and damask can handle the time outside much more effortlessly than delicate fabrics like crepe, chiffon, batiste, or Georgette. If you love the look of delicate fabrics, you can always compromise to include a layer of the fine fabric over the more durable fabrics making up the bulk of your dress.

Mind Length

The length of your dress – from a flirty above-the-knee cut or a modest tea-length to a dramatic floor-level evening silhouette – is part and parcel of how the final product looks, but you should consider going higher, rather than lower, if you’re planning to celebrate your nuptials outside. A full-length train at the end of your dress will look impressive going up the aisle, to be sure, but just think of all the dirt and grass stains it can collect as you walk towards your future spouse. Minding the length of your dress can be a crucial part of ensuring the dress escapes the ravages of nature and looks as good as it did in the store.

Embellish Carefully

Embellishments to complement your gown – gloves, a stole, a beaded sash, etc. – can take your wedding look to a whole different level, but you should consider them carefully. A decorative parasol, for example, will help protect against the sun, as well as add an air of sophistication, but it can also be picked up by the slightest gust of warm summer wind. Pieces separate from your dress can also be put down; helpful if the gloves get a bit too warm, but taking them off also opens them up to falling on the ground and/or being stepped on. If you want to include removable embellishments, make sure you have a place to store them away from the effects of the weather.

Prepare Yourself

Even after taking precautions to make sure that your dress is as friendly to an outdoor wedding as it can possibly be, you still need to prepare just in case a storm shows up unexpectedly or if your venue is a little less clean than originally thought. Having a nearby indoor Plan B is a good way to ensure you can have the day of your dreams – come rain or come shine.

For more information, contact Rolling Meadows Ranch or a similar location.

Planning A Fundraiser? 3 Ways To Sell More Event Tickets And Raise More Funds

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Fundraisers and charity events can be very tricky to organize, especially when the success of your event depends on the success of selling tickets. Here are three ways you can ensure you sell more tickets, which will potentially help you raise more funds:

Early Bird Discounts

When you’re looking to increase the attendance to your event, one of the best ways to do so early on is by offering early bird discounts to ticket buyers who are willing to purchase their event tickets in advance. Once a ticket has been purchased, there is a very high chance that they will attend your event. After all, money has already been spent and most people won’t want to back out on their psychological commitment. So, even though you will discount the price in order to get those tickets sold, it will be worth it in the end when they show up to your event and help out with your fundraiser, silent auction, etc.

Group Discounts

Who doesn’t enjoy a group discount? Whether it is a group of friends looking to land a deal on a table so that they can all ensure they sit together at your fundraising event or affiliates of a prominent crowd who are simply looking to catch themselves a sweet deal, group discounts can help boost ticket sales. In many cases, when it comes to charity events and fundraisers, maximizing event attendance is far better than maximizing ticket revenue. After all, the ticket revenue is going to be what helps to cover the overhead and upfront expenses to plan and pay for the event, while the fundraising/charity event itself is where you are going to really bring in the big bucks.

VIP Early Access

If you really want to make a big splash in ticket sales, you may want to consider holding an exclusive VIP gathering prior to the actual event. Not only does this boost ticket sales and attendance, but it also opens the door to additional opportunities for fundraising. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to impress affluent donors and allow them to meet other like-minded individuals. You can take this time to educate your benefactors on how important they are to you and how their donations really make a difference.

In the end, the key is to do what you can to sell tickets to ensure that there are as many people attending your event as possible. The more people that are at your fundraiser, the more money that you can raise to make a difference in the world.

For more information, contact a company like Meet Chicago Northwest.

Fans, Fans And More Fans: Different Kinds Of Fans You Can Rent For Different Needs And Events

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Judging by the most recent hot temps around the country, it looks like this summer is going to be a scorcher. Are you ready? Are you planning any major events where fans can make a big impact on how things operate? Will you need to keep people and things cool? Here are some examples of the many kinds of fans you can rent and how they can be used for your summer events.

Giant Industrial Fans

For what looks like an enormous box fan and operates like a wind tunnel, these giant industrial fans create some powerful cooling effects, not to mention some major air blasts. The settings on these bad boys is fairly limited, but if you are setting up a stage for a major summer concert and you want to keep the crowd and the stage cool, then these fans may be the perfect solution. Just be sure to set them on “low” and/or make sure they have a setting for “low” before you rent them.

Culinary Fans for Cooling Ice Sculptures

If you are planning to have an ice sculpture of any sort on display at your event, you are definitely going to want some way to keep it cold and keep it from melting too fast. Your caterer can make sure the sculpture stays in a freezer or refrigerated truck until the last minute, but culinary fans can help keep the sculpture from melting too quickly. If you cannot find them where you rent fans for events, ask your caterer if he or she has these devices and is willing to bring them on the day of the event.

Pole-Mountable Fans for Tents

Fans that you can mount onto tent poles are another type of useful summertime fan. Outdoor graduations, weddings and anniversary parties often utilize large tents to keep the sun at bay, but you can also keep your guests cool with these fans. The cords to these little fans easily wraps around the tent poles, up to wind overhead and keep out of the way or down to travel across the yard to the nearest outlet. If you also rent the enormous outdoor tent for your event, you can ask the rental store about these fans so that you can rent it all from the same location. (It may even be possible to rent “ceiling” fans for tents, which hang down from the tent supports above, but these are harder to find.)

For more information, contact Fan Guy or a similar company.