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Benefits Of A Destination Management Company For Your Corporate Trip To The Bahamas

For a corporate trip, a destination management company (DMC) is a necessary component from travel planning until everyone arrives home. Using a DMC is far superior to attempting to coordinate a complex trip on your own.


The DMC will be aware of alternative modes of transportation that you may not have access to or cannot acquire at a better rate. Depending on the number of people joining the trip, it may be more affordable to book a private jet than to buy a bunch of plane tickets. Furthermore, when you buy numerous plane tickets, it's difficult to coordinate the different needs of each attendee. A private jet is ideal because everyone will depart and arrive at the same time. Everyone will need transportation between the airport and lodging area and a way to move around the island independently to enjoy solo activities.


Finding a resort for a number of people can be challenging. The trip organizer will need to be certain the needs of every attendee and their guests are met. For example, some people may have physical limitations and if they will be in a resort with multiple floors, it will be ideal to book their room on the first floor if there is no elevator or as a precaution in case the elevators do not work. If anyone must bring their children, they might need childcare services at or near the resort. Other considerations will be the number of rooms needed simultaneously. If each person will have their own room, booking the resort yourself becomes even more challenging. The relationship the DMC has with area resorts and their knowledge of availability streamlines the process of finding the right accommodations.


It is much easier to plan a trip around the availability of rooms and interesting activities than it is to set a date and try to make everything fit into your trip. Group meals will likely be part of the trip. The DMC can find the ideal places that can accommodate a group of people for dinner and take everyone's dietary preferences into consideration. If this is not possible, an event can be catered to meet the needs of the group. The DMC will know which events are occurring at the time of the trip and help you decide which events should be placed in your itinerary. Careful coordination increases the chance there will be adequate time to enjoy scheduled events while attending meetings or adhering to work-related requirements, and also having room to adjust if the weather is bad or there are other inconveniences.

A DMC is a ticket to a wonderful corporate trip. With services from planning to returning home, they can streamline the preparation and make the event more cost-effective. To learn more, contact a professional DMC service like SunSplash Events.