Talking About Event Planning

The Top Wedding Venue Questions To Ask

Are you ready to book a wedding venue? As you tour event spaces, take a look at the top questions to ask before you select a venue for your dream day.

Questions About Scheduling and Booking A Date

Your big day needs to happen on the right day. This means you need to secure a date at your venue of choice ASAP. Before you book a wedding event venue, ask the manager or reception hall staff:

  • How far in advance should couples book a date? This question can help you to create a timeline for wedding planning. If you know whether couples usually book the venue months or years in advance, you can secure a date in the right time frame.
  • What dates do you have available? Do you already know when you want to get married? Give the event hall staff your potential best dates and make sure they match up to the space's current availability.
  • What is the deposit? Will you need to give the event space a deposit to hold your preferred date? Ask what the payment is and when it is due. You will also want to ask about refunds or change-of-date penalties.
  • How much time is each event allotted? Will you have the hall or space for the entire day or evening? Make sure the venue can provide you with the number of hours you need the space for or will accommodate your other time-related needs.

Along with these questions, you may also need to ask about additional scheduling services if you plan to hold both the ceremony and the reception in the same space, want to add an extra pre-reception cocktail hour, are considering an after-party, or want to book the same venue for a rehearsal dinner the night before.

Questions About Vendors

Vendors will supply everything from the food your guests eat to the flowers that adorn the tables. Some wedding event spaces provide their own services, others require customers to choose from a list of pre-select vendors, and others allow couples to use their own vendors. Vendor-related questions that are important to ask before choosing a venue for your wedding include:

  • Do you have in-house services? An in-house caterer, photographer, or floral designer can make the planning process easier. But this won't give you as many options. If the venue provides its own services, review your choices before you book a date.
  • What vendors are on your approved list? If the venue requires couples to use the services of pre-selected vendors, ask for a list of options to choose from.
  • What reception items or decor does the venue provide? Will the venue provide tables, chairs, linens, and place settings or will you need to hire a separate venue for these must-haves?

You will also need to ask about pricing if the venue provides its own vendors or some services. The event space rental may or may not include fees for catering, waitstaff, cocktail service, corkage, or cake cutting. 

For more info about wedding venues, contact a local professional.