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Three Benefits Of Pop-Up Tents

When you need a source of shelter for an upcoming outdoor event, it's good to start by browsing the products available at a local event rental company. These companies typically carry a large selection of tents, which can vary in size and style. Virtually every company that rents tents has pop-up tents for rent. These tents can be useful in many different ways at all sorts of events, from weddings to corporate affairs to casual get-togethers with family and friends. There are several benefits to consider about using pop-up tents, including the following.

Quick Setup

A big benefit of having one or more pop-up tents at your event is that this type of tent is quick and easy to set up. As its name indicates, the tent will "pop" open once you fold the legs out and push the ceiling up. It's very easy for one person to set up a pop-up tent on their own, even without any prior experience dealing with tents. This can be handy when you're getting an event space ready, as everyone has things to do and you may not want to interrupt someone to get them to lend a hand with your pop-up tent setup.

Small Footprint

In general, a pop-up tent will be one of the smallest tents you can rent in terms of its square footage. While larger tents can be valuable in lots of different ways, small tents have their benefits, too. For example, if your event space isn't overly roomy and you're concerned about making it feel cluttered, you'll want to ensure that your tents are on the smaller side. Pop-up tents are available in a few different sizes, but they all tend to have a small footprint that you'll appreciate.

Open Look

Even though the footprint of a pop-up tent is small, it tends to have an open look because it doesn't have walls. While you can add walls to the tent if you wish, a lot of pop-up tent users keep the sides of the enclosure open to provide a roomy feeling. A small pop-up tent — for example, 10 feet by 10 feet — can feel more spacious than you might realize because of its open design. Several people can be under the tent at the same time without the area feeling overly claustrophobic. Visit a tent rental company in your area to learn about its tent rentals.