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Rent A Wedding Swing For Your Special Day

There are all sorts of stylish wedding decorations that you'll want to rent in advance for your wedding day. When you visit a rental service that specializes in wedding decorations, it can be enjoyable to browse the various products and identify some that you may not have initially considered. One such item is a wedding swing, which is becoming increasingly popular at outdoor weddings. Many rental companies have various wedding swings available for rent, and you'll enjoy browsing the various designs until you find one that will work well with your other decorations. Here are some things to know about wedding swings.


Wedding swings are available in many different styles, including some that hang from trees rather than a stand. Provided that you have some large, sturdy trees at your venue, your wedding rental service will be able to install one of these swings in a location of your choice. Lots of wedding swings are adorned with flowers, while others have flowing fabrics wrapped around them. You'll see swings that are rustic, while others have more of a modern look. The former style will often use logs, rather than cut lumber, to create the seat of the swing. If you plan to have numerous rustic decorative elements, this type of swing can be a good fit.


The primary reason that people rent wedding swings is to use this decoration for some of their official photos. A photo of you and your new spouse sitting on the swing together can be more visually engaging than a typical photo of you standing together, for example. This decoration can also work for group photos. For example, you and your new spouse can sit on the swing while the members of your family or your wedding party can stand around you.

Other Uses

While you'll likely want to keep people away from the swing until you've had your photos taken, it can be fun to give your guests a chance to sit on the swing after your photoshoot. Lots of people will enjoy using the swing and snapping selfies or shooting short videos that they'll post on social media, which can help to give your wedding an upbeat presence online. If you have children in attendance at your wedding, you can expect that they'll enjoy an opportunity to sit on the swing, too. Learn more about wedding swings and other decorative items by checking out a wedding decorations company.