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The Use Of Pipe And Drape Stands During A Social Event

A pipe and drape stand can be used to block off areas within a venue or it can be used to place emphasis on an area where people will be lined up or seated. Consider some versatile ways to use this type of stand during the next social gathering that you are currently preparing for.


Metal piping is used to support fabric panels that will ultimately define an indoor or outdoor space. Thick folds of material and frilly, lightweight fabric panels are two textile types that will each promote a different mood. A dark fabric type will block light and can be used as a complementary backdrop to a dining area, a stage, or another setting that will be in view of your guests.

A light-colored or sheer fabric variety can be used to add a romantic or classy touch to an area where people will be spending time. A stand will need to be fully assembled prior to securing fabric panels to the piping sections that run horizontally across the top of a stand. A stand can be extended upward, which will allow you to create a tall fabric wall.

A stand can also be compacted so that it is relatively short in height. A short pipe and drape stand can be used to create a border along the inside walls of a venue or it can be used to partition off various sections where your guests will be spending time.


If you decide to rent a large venue space and will not be using all of the square footage that is within the rental, you may want to provide the illusion of an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Tall pipe and drape stands that have long and wide pieces of fabric attached to them can be used to create a large wall that will cordon off areas that are not going to be utilized by your guests.

If you are going to seat your guests under a canopy or in a nondescript area that is within the event space, a group of pipe and drape stands can be used to create a border around the area where your guests will be sitting. Two fabric panels that are secured to each stand can be tied back. The use of fancy ribbons or sashes will add elegance to each stand and will keep the fabric neatly secured along the side pieces that comprise each stand's frame.

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