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How To Get The Most Out Of A Wedding Venue

A wedding is one of the biggest events in a person's life, and the venue dictates a lot about how they, their partner, and their guests will remember it. While it's a dream for many couples to get a wedding venue that looks amazing, there are also a lot of practical factors that go into picking one. By looking at the task from several angles, you can get the most out of a location.

Hire an Event Planner

Before you even settle on a venue, it's wise to bring in an event planner to provide advice. The planner doesn't have to be someone who specializes in weddings, but they should have experience doing them. A professional will be able to put a lot of resources at your disposal, including contacts with people who can handle an array of needs like catering, transportation, and guest accommodation.

Multiple-Use Venues

Booking a location that offers multiple uses can help you save money and keep everything organized. It can be tempting to get locked in on a wedding venue that offers a scenic place for a ceremony, but finding one that also offers a place for the reception can be very advantageous. Some larger locations may even be able to provide on-site accommodations with a hotel or a bed and breakfast. This can make the whole event safer for your guests, especially if there's an expectation of heavy drinking at the reception or if the event is anticipated to go late into the night.


In the business world, adding value is what it's all about, and a good wedding venue is likely to offer a number of cost-effective add-on services. Right down to providing an officiant, they can make the whole process simpler. You should also ask about options like valet parking, airport transportation, and on-site catering. It's wise, however, to make sure that all services are negotiated as part of a package before you sign a contract.

Unique Venues

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to offer highly themed weddings. If you're looking, for example, to have a country wedding, you should be able to find a place that offers ceremonies in rustic barns that are maintained just for that purpose. The companies that provide these types of venues are locating closer to population centers, so you and your guest may not have to journey as far as you might expect.

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