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Why You Should Consider Renting a Hybrid Generator

The next time you are looking for a generator hire unit for your event, you may want to consider hiring a hybrid generator. It's a relatively new technology but is fast catching up with customers across different sectors.

A hybrid generator will work alongside the main traditional generator. At a pre-set time, or when the load lowers, the hybrid generator will kick in as the main one switches off. This arrangement has several inherent benefits that make hybrid generators an excellent option. These include the following, among other advantages.

1. Cost Savings

With reduced hours of operation of the main generator comes reduced fuel consumption and the costs associated with maintaining the main generator. It is a matter of truth that these cumulative savings, by far, outweigh the initial investment cost that goes into the generator hire, or even buying the unit. You can, therefore, expect a return on investment within a very short time.

2. A Lower Carbon Footprint

With lower operation hours of the main diesel-powered generator comes the benefit of reduced on-site emissions. With this generator hire option, the carbon footprint will be significantly reduced, which is great for protecting and preserving the environment.

3. Noiseless Operation

Need a generator hire option that doesn't generate too much noise when it's working? A hybrid generator is the best option for you. Unlike the traditional fuel-powered generators, the hybrid generator is generally noiseless, and you may not even realize that it is running.

Is This Generator Hire For Your Event?

As highlighted, there are many benefits to getting a hybrid generator as opposed to letting the main diesel-powered generator run on its own when need be. These benefits are all inherent, but even then, you must evaluate the suitability of this generator hire option for your events.

Hybrid generators are a perfect match if your power needs fluctuate quite a bit, leaving you with periods when the power demand is significantly low. The low load will be transferred to the hybrid generator, and when it goes back up, the main generator will be the one to supply the load. Secondly, you should consider this generator hire option when any noise would be less-than-ideal. For the same reason, it is perfect for use in any kind of event where you don't need any noise disturbance.

If hybrid generator hire matches your event needs, then consider contacting local generator rental companies.