Talking About Event Planning

3 Things You Should Do When Organizing A Rally In Your Community

Are you getting ready to organize your first community rally? Here are a few things you should do while planning the event:

Create a Clear Message

You need to be able to convey a clear message you to your community members that tells them exactly what you want to achieve at the rally. If people don't understand exactly why the rally is taking place, they likely will not see a point in participating. Making sure that you have a clear and concise message to share with your community will help invoke passion for your cause, attract people to the rally, and ensure that everyone knows exactly why they are there and how they can help.

Write a letter to the public and have it published in the newspaper. Come up with a catch slogan that's short, sweet, and to the point that can be used to draw attention to your cause and get people interested in your upcoming rally. And make sure your main message is always the same on all of your advertisements and community announcements.

Host a Fundraiser

Consider hosting a fundraiser in your community to fund your upcoming rally. Ask local artists, vendors, and musicians to donate their time or goods to your fundraiser in exchange for the free advertising they will get during the fundraising event. You can auction off goods and ask musicians who donate their time to put on a mini concert.

Sell raffle tickets and give a donated item away as the prize. And have information about the rally you are planning printed out on pamphlets so you can give them to the guests at your fundraiser and educate them about your cause.

Hire a Professional Organizer

Hiring a professional rally organizer to organize a march will take some of the stress off of your shoulders, save you some overall planning time, and help ensure that no important planning steps are overlooked that could negatively effect your rally in any way. You can expect your rally organizer to help you recruit volunteers and protesters to ensure that plenty of people show up on rally day.

Your organizer will help you design and create signs for your event, and ensure that you have all the right permits to demonstrate where you plan to if necessary. And they'll be there to answer all of your questions along the way so you can make educated decisions that will help instead of hurt your cause when all is said and done.