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A Symbolic Funeral Dove Release

Releasing a bird carries a lot of symbolism. There can be even more to it than that as well, especially with some packages. 

Companies That Release Birds At Events Will Often Do So As Part of a Package that Will Include Some Additional Amenities

People might just be interested in the service that involves the symbolic freeing of doves. However, there can still often be slightly more to it than that. The number of doves that will actually be involved with the exact release will vary. It might even vary based on the exact nature of the event, with packages varying somewhat if they are to take place at weddings as opposed to funerals. However, people might be interested in different things at their particular ceremonies, which will have an effect on the exact sort of service that they will get.

A lot of people are still going to want music and a lot of other features, and those events will tend to have those. All of these events will include professionals who have experience. 

The Doves Stay in Decorative Containers Prior to the Official Release and Professional Dove Handlers Will Release the Doves 

Funerals are set up in different ways, but the doves and their containers might still be visible at the funeral before their handlers them. The containers themselves were often designed to be at least somewhat ornamental, and people will usually be able to at least partly see the doves through the containers. The doves will be safe there, and they'll be able to add something to the ceremony even before their flight. 

Dove handlers might work mainly with doves and other birds, or they might have an even broader range of experience with animal care. These professionals will have performed at many ceremonies that involved releasing animals, especially doves. Their doves will also be experienced.

Doves Used at These Sorts of Ceremonies Are Related to Homing Pigeons and Receive a Lot of Training

People won't just use any sort of dove at events. The doves that get released won't look any different from the doves that people will usually picture, but they're specifically related to the exact same type of pigeon that was once often used to deliver messages. These doves aren't identical to homing pigeons, of course, and they won't look exactly like them. However, the doves have many of the same instincts, making it easier for them to learn the necessary skills and make the journey. 

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