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Organizing A Club Crawl? Here Are Some Tips To Encourage A Safe Experience

Club crawls can be great fun. Rather than spend the entire night in one club, your participants get to wander from club to club, enjoying the atmosphere at each one before moving on. If you've been tasked with planning a club crawl, you've probably spent plenty of time thinking about how to make it as fun as possible for your participants. But what about safety? Here are some tips to make sure your participants have a safe time.

Have a buddy system.

It may sound immature, but a buddy system really is the best way to make sure nobody gets left behind and alone. Assign each person a buddy at the beginning of the crawl, and make sure they know never to leave a club without their buddy. Yes, you may reach a different club and realize you are missing two people because two buddies didn't follow, but at least you know one of your participants is not alone and bewildered.

Plan longer walks between some clubs.

It might seem most convenient to hit up the clubs in a way that demands the least walking. But actually, planning for 10 - 15 minute walks between some of the clubs is a safer choice. This gives your participants some time to take a break from drinking, so they're less likely to over-indulge. It also gets them out of the loud club scene for a bit longer so their ears and eyes can adjust and they remain more aware of their surroundings.

Make sure you plan for rides home.

The last thing you want at the end of a club crawl is for anyone to drive home drunk or make unsafe transportation decisions. So include rides home in your planning. Arrange for a limo or a large cab to pick everyone up and drop them off at a safe location, whether that be their own homes or one house where everyone stays until morning.

Research clubs first.

Make sure you do your due diligence and research clubs before you put them on your list. Steer clear of clubs where there has recently been violence or any other issues. Only clubs with good, safe reputations deserve a spot on your club crawl list.

You want your club crawl to be fun, and it will only be fun if everyone feels safe. Follow the tips above, and remember to stay safe and have a good time.