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Add Music And Local Cuisine To The Boat Tours That You Offer

If you provide boat tours on a luxury ocean liner, amp up the atmosphere that your guests are provided with by piping in music and offering local cuisine. Hiring a disc jockey who is personable and willing to dress the part as well as waitstaff who are keen about serving your guests near the end of each tour will put a smile on your customers' faces and may encourage them to come back if they are craving more niceties. 

Request That The DJ Dresses Up

During each boat tour, there may be a lull in the action that has been the downside of your touring outfit from time to time. For instance, if you are the commentator for the tour and provide your guests with some cultural and geographical information about the water feature and surrounding landmarks, you may come to a point where you run out of things to say as the ocean liner begins its trek back to the mainland.

This is where a disc jockey can lighten the mood as they engage the crowd by playing some reggae hits or beach tunes. When interviewing a disc jockey, feel them out to ensure that they do not mind dressing up for each tour. A captain's hat, jacket, and sunglasses could be the items that make up one particular look.

If you would like the disc jockey to have more of a 'beach bum' appearance, ask them to wear bright-colored shorts, a floral print shirt, flip flops, and a visor. Provide the disc jockey with a track list that you would like them to play and encourage them to add some of their favorite reggae or beach songs.

Have The DJ Engage The Crowd

Tell the disc jockey that you would like them to include the guests throughout each music session. This can involve setting up a small dance floor on the deck and having the disc jockey accept music requests or offer musical games to the guests, such as the limbo or an impromptu dance contest. At the end of each tour, inform the disc jockey that you would like them to hand a lei or paper captain's hat to each guest prior to them disembarking the ocean liner. 

Offer Light Fare

Seafood salads, shrimp cocktails, and lobster rolls are some basic foods that are derived from the ocean waters. Purchase plenty of these items before each tour and keep the foods on ice during the brunt of each excursion.

As each tour winds down, instruct your waitstaff to retrieve the food items and prepare them for serving. Then the waitstaff can set all of the foods on carts and push the cats around the deck and interior of the boat, stopping by to ask each tour participant if they would like one or more of the items. For more information, contact your local DJ service.