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How To Host The Perfect Class Reunion At A Private Party Venue

Nothing's better than catching up with your old classmates and seeing where everyone's at in their lives. A private venue provides the perfect place for your class reunion – everything is taken care of for you, allowing you and your guests to relax and socialize in a comfortable environment. Selecting a convenient and affordable venue goes a long way in ensuring that members of your class will be interested in attending the reunion. Here's your guide to hosting the perfect class reunion at a private event venue.

1. Select a Convenient City to Hold the Reunion

Undoubtedly, some of your class stayed near the school after graduation, and some moved away. For everyone's convenience, it's best to pick a city that's close to both your school and a major airport. This allows those who stayed close to the school to drive to the venue and those who moved to easily fly and find hotels near the venue. You'll also have more venue choices in a major city.

2. Send Invitations and Find Out How Many Guests Plan to Attend

Once you've selected a city, send out invitations. Before you even start searching for a venue, it's incredibly important to have a good idea of how many members of your class are going to attend the reunion and how many guests they plan to bring. You should also ask guests about their dietary preferences (such as keeping kosher or being vegan) in order to make catering easier. Keep in mind that not everyone who expresses an interest in attending the reunion will actually show up!

3. Find a Private Event Venue of a Suitable Size

The number of guests attending the reunion will narrow down your choice of venues. Venues for private events will have a maximum number of attendees (due to the size of the building and fire code regulations) and a minimum number. If less than the minimum number of guests attend your event, you are personally responsible for purchasing the unsold tickets. Either select a private party venue where you will easily surpass the minimum attendance or set aside extra money to cover for guests who don't show up.

4. Negotiate the Details of the Event, Making Sure to Get Everything in Writing

Negotiating with the venue can be a tricky process – there are many choices to make and often hidden fees involved. Most venues will provide a caterer for your reunion. You'll be charged a per-plate fee for your event, but the quoted price often doesn't take into account mandatory gratuity and tax. Make sure you add those into the final price, so you don't have any surprises.

Private venues have preferred photographers, musicians and florists they partner with for events. For a class reunion, these additional features (and the headache of deciding if you like the professionals the venue offers) can be safely ignored.

Get everything in writing with the venue. If you want to have the tables decorated in your school colors, make sure the venue has it in the contract before you sign it. For that matter, make sure the venue provides tables and chairs for you and your guests in the first place!

5. Make Sure the Price Is Affordable for Your Classmates

After you've finalized all the details, you'll be presented with the total price for the event. At this point, you'll need to decide if the venue is affordable enough for you and your guests – many people don't like spending exorbitant amounts of money to attend a class reunion. Remember that many of your classmates will also have to travel by air in order to attend, so you should strive to keep the ticket price low. You'll also be responsible for making a partial payment to secure the date of the event.

Once the date of your event is secured, all that's left is to wait until the night of your class reunion! By selecting the right private event venue and making sure all the details of the event are finalized in the contract, you and your class are sure to have an enjoyable day.