Talking About Event Planning

How To Pick A Wedding Venue As The Maid Of Honor

Choosing a venue is one of the biggest decisions that need to be made with regards to a wedding. It's not easy to find a venue that will be just right but there a few ways that you can narrow down the decision.

Talk to a Planner

There's no better person to recommend a wedding venue than someone who spends most of their time planning weddings. A wedding planner is familiar with many wedding venues and also knows details such as the layout, capacity and how these venues can be improved to make them even more eye-catching.

Ask the Bride What Their Vision Is

Every bride has a different idea of what the ideal spot for their wedding will be. Aesthetics is the key thing in this regard. If someone wants a wedding that's modern themed, you can consider locations such as beautiful restaurant spaces, art galleries or even a warehouse. For someone who wants a wedding in a natural setting, you can consider venues such as backyards, parks and ranches.

Consider the Number of Guests

It's important to know how many people are coming to the wedding before you even start considering venues. If you only realize at the last minute that the venue is not big enough for all the guests, someone may have to make some tough decisions.

Think About the Budget

The budget is usually a major limiting factor when choosing venues. You should know how much the couple is expecting to spend on venue plus extras. Some venues offer in-house catering and charge per plate. Such a venue may seem pricier at first but might be cheaper in the long run. Consider what wedding rental services are available and what their pricing structure is. 

Some venues may also need some work to get the visual appeal that is needed for the wedding. This can push the cost of the venue much higher than what was budgeted for.

Be Considerate of the Guests

Certain locations may have the ideal visual appeal but might be difficult to get to. When you have a destination wedding or you have a lot of people who are coming in from out of town, a venue that's not too far from a hotel can make things a lot easier for your guests.

Remain True to the Couple

Just because a venue looks great on paper doesn't mean it will be the sort of canvas the couple wants for their wedding. Choose a venue that's an ideal representation of who the couple is.