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Corporate Catering Ideas For A Shareholder Meeting

Quarterly shareholder meetings give investors a look at how your company is progressing, and you want to make the shareholders as welcome as possible. This means providing a comfortable meeting room and as well as refreshments throughout the meeting. If you aren't sure what to serve at a shareholder meeting, here are a few options to discuss with your corporate caterer.

Barista Station

Let your shareholders know they can skip the trip to the local coffee shop, and have your caterer set up a barista station outside of the conference room. Each attendee can order their favorite caffeinated beverage, whether it be hot tea, a latte, or a specialty coffee creation. Keeping the coffee station outside of the meeting room will prevent the noise of whirring coffee grinders and other equipment from disturbing the important meeting going on inside.

Breakfast Bar

Take the idea of offering coffee and pastries a step further by creating a breakfast bar for early morning meetings. Have your caterer put out a spread of fruit salad, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and bacon for a hearty breakfast option. You'll also want to make bagels, croissants, and pastries available for anyone who wants a lighter breakfast option. For an upscale touch that truly impresses your shareholders, consider adding an omelet station and a chef to create custom breakfast options.

Working Lunch

If you expect your shareholder meeting to last for several hours, be sure to provide a working lunch option for everyone in attendance. You can have your caterer create boxed lunches filled with sandwiches, side salads, and bottled water, or you can have deli sandwich trays brought in for everyone to help himself or herself. Be sure to include a few vegetarian and vegan options, such as pepper and egg sandwiches or vegetable wraps, to accommodate any dietary requirements your shareholders may have.

Celebratory Buffet

If profits are at an all-time high, celebrate this victory with an extravagant buffet. This option is ideal for afternoon or evening meetings, and it provides a way to reward your shareholders for their faith in your company. Consider having carving stations set up with roast beef and prime rib, as well as gourmet vegetable side dishes. Top the buffet off with some bubbly and flutes so everyone can make a toast and raise a glass to a successful business quarter or year.

Discuss the purpose of your shareholder meeting with your corporate caterer to create the perfect menu. For quarters where profits are low, you may want to consider more austere menu options to demonstrate you aren't wasting investor dollars. When profits are up, choose a few upscale