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Tips For Choosing Event Wristbands

Planning an event that requires admission charges while also trying to control admission to certain aspects of the event can be a challenge. You need to make sure only those that have paid are participating while also ensuring everyone is where they are supposed to be at any given time. The following guide can help you choose the right type of band for your event.

Tip #1: Materials matter

For multi-day or all-day events, you need wristbands that are relatively comfortable yet durable enough to last for the entire event. Although plastic is common, it tends to stretch out easily, plus it can trap moisture and become uncomfortable for the wearer. Tyvek wrist bands are a much better option. They are more breathable than plastic, they don't stretch easily, and they are durable enough to survive several days on the wrist. One inch tyvek wristbands are wide enough that you can even write on them if you need to.

Tip #2: Colors should contrast

For events with multiple admission levels, use colors as a quick way for your staff to identify the admission level of the customer. For example, red bands can be reserved for those with all-access, while blue are for those that only have limited access to only a few aspects of the event. Just make sure the colors are bright and not easily confused. For example, red and orange can look nearly the same in certain lights, so they aren't a good option for differentiating customers. Any print on the bands should also be a contrasting color so that it shows up clearly, otherwise it can be nearly impossible to read even in very good light.

Tip #3: Customization is key

Wristbands are also a branding opportunity, so don't overlook the chance to advertise. Many people wear their bands outside of the event, which can bring attention to your company or the event. Other than color, you can also print designs on the wristband. Your logo, the logos of your sponsors, or the event name are good options for printing on the band. Just avoid too fine of detail, as designs on Tyvek can bleed. Bold, clear designs work best. If branding isn't as important, you can opt to print something useful for the wearer. For example, if the bands are to differentiate groups with different event schedules, then have the schedule printed on the band of the corresponding color.

For more help or to order the perfect wristbands for your event, contact a promotional printing company.