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Host a Celebration for Your Employees in Honor of Their Hard Work and Dedication

If you would like to host a celebration at a banquet hall for your employees in honor of their hard work and dedication, the following ideas may help make the event one that is appreciated and enjoyed by each person who attends.

Catered Meal and Open Bar

Hire a caterer to prepare a meal for the gathering. When you first meet with the caterer, sample a variety of food items in order to select ones that you think your employees will enjoy. If any of your workers have food allergies or follow specific dietary guidelines, provide the caterer with the information so that special dishes can be prepared. Choose a specific theme for the dinnerware and table decorations that are used so that the banquet room has an elegant and well-organized appearance.

Hire a bartender and offer to pay the tab. Your staff members may be willing to let loose and mingle with others by knowing that they won't be hit with exorbitant fees after they indulge in several cocktails. 

Dancing and Entertainment

Hire a disc jockey to play music throughout the event. Before the celebration begins, ask the DJ If they could prepare a list of special dances for the guests to participate in while specific songs are played. Welcome your employees to dance in a style that they prefer and to select music that they enjoy during the rest of the event.

Hire an entertainer, such as a magician, clown, or ventriloquist. After selecting an entertainer, ask them whether they could include some of your employees in their performance in order to keep your workers interested throughout the show or to surprise them with the personalization of the act.

Award Ceremony

Purchase standard certificates that have been designed to recognize hard work that has been completed and write the name of each employee on a certificate. Have the certificates framed, and hand them out during an awards ceremony that is held near the end of the celebration. If some of your employees' accomplishments have stood out more than the others, give them each a trophy that has their name engraved on it or a gift certificate that can be used at a restaurant, spa, or boutique.

While holding the awards ceremony, speak over a microphone so that everyone in the banquet room will be able to hear you clearly. Allow your employees to take pictures as people collect their awards so that the special ceremony can be remembered in the future.