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Standing Out From The Crowd: What NLP Is Not

If you've been looking for a way to change your life for the better but have always seemed to end up in the same old pattern, neuro-linguistic programming could be very beneficial for you. But it's essential that you go into your sessions knowing what NLP can do for you and what it can't do, or what it's not. For people just learning about the system, it can be easily confused with some other modalities for changing your life.

The Law of Attraction

The concept of reframing in NLP sounds a lot like the practice of revision or even the affirmations used in law-of-attraction techniques. It is possible to use NLP as part of a law-of-attraction practice, if that helps you, because the reframing used in NLP can help change your perspective enough to allow intentions to manifest. However, NLP itself is a much more methodical procedure that is meant to help you overcome negative perceptions, giving you the clarity you want to redirect your life.


That NLP and hypnosis are not the same should be obvious, but even these two are still easily confused. NLP is an active, conscious process, and while hypnosis can be used occasionally to help you along or help you through a few rough spots or plateaus, it is not the main way in which you would work through NLP processes. If you undergo NLP work, you're going to work, think, and act as appropriate, rather than letting someone just feed you information and instructions on how to act while you're in a hypnotic state.

Deep Therapy

Because many of the earlier experimenters in NLP were psychotherapists, NLP can have a psycho-therapeutic bent. The techniques are often used as part of psychotherapy, but they are not a substitute for the deep therapy needed to process and deal with traumatic events, for example. In other words, if you are struggling with past events in your life that have severely impacted you, relying on NLP alone is not advisable. If you have an NLP-only practitioner that you like, ask the practitioner and a therapist to work together to ensure you have well-rounded and appropriate treatment.

If you have other questions about how NLP works, talk to the coaches you find and see what they do to ensure their clients progress. NLP can be very helpful, and you would do well to search for a coach that you click with. Click here to learn more about NLP training.