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Three Wedding Planning Tips

Your wedding can easily be one of the largest and most important events that you organize.  Unfortunately, it can be easy to make oversights that can lead to problems or additional expenses, but you can use these tips to help you avoid these mistakes so you can get the most from your wedding.

Opt For A Facility That Can Include Catering

Providing food for your wedding reception can be essential for ensuring that your guests have an enjoyable time. Yet, there can be substantial costs that are involved with hiring a catering service, and you may not want to divert this money from your wedding budget.

Luckily, there are many wedding venues that partner with local catering services so that they can include these services in the cost of renting the facility or provide them with a deep discount for being referred to the catering service by the venue. By using wedding venues that offer these benefits, you can help to ensure that your guests are served delicious food for the best price possible.

Plan For Parking

Depending on the number of guests that you plan to have at your wedding reception, you may need to plan for parking. While many wedding venues can offer limited parking accommodations, you will need to make sure that you have enough spots reserved to accommodate any support staff for the reception and your guests. To help ensure orderly parking, you may want to hire a valet service. These services can help to minimize the need for your guests to walk and they may also reduce parking congestion because the valet can park cars a distance from the venue and retrieve them when guests are ready to leave.  

Invest In A Wedding Liability Insurance Policy

It is an unfortunate fact that accidents can happen at your wedding, and this can be especially true if alcohol will be served. Sadly, you may be held liable for any injuries that are sustained. To help protect yourself against this legal risk, you should make sure to invest in a wedding liability policy. These policies will cover you in the event of an accidental injury during your wedding and reception.

In addition to protecting you against this risk, these policies will also cover you in the event that your guests cause damage to the venue. Without this type of policy, you may find that you are personally responsible for paying for these damages. While this may sound intimidating, these policies are usually extremely affordable, and there are many venues that partner with insurance agencies to make adding this coverage as easy as possible.