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Questions To Ask When You Hire A Video Editor

Hiring a professional video editor, like one at Watrous Video Productions, can truly make your creative projects come to life. Whether you need a promotional video done for work or you want to compile various video clips shot during a memorable family event, the skill of a trained editor will give you a video that is enjoyable to watch. Given that there are likely a variety of video editors advertising their services in your city, it's important to take your time finding the right one. One way to increase your likelihood of finding the editor best suited for you and your project is to ask these questions to a few editors and assess the answers.

What Role Do I Have In The Project?

Some clients wish to simply let the video editor work his or her magic, while others want to have more of a say in shaping the final product. Think about your intent concerning the project and then ask the editor what role he or she expects you to have. Some editors want their clients to make notes when they submit the raw video files, while others will actually invite the client to see a draft partway through the editing process. Make sure that your expectations are in alignment with how the editor wishes to work.

Is It Possible To Make Changes Afterward?

When you meet the editor at the conclusion of the project to view your video, ideally you'll be thrilled with the end result. In some cases, however, you might wish to make a small change to a certain clip. Ask the editor if it's possible to make such changes afterward. Your editor wants you to be satisfied and will likely respond in the affirmative, but you should check to see if there are any fees associated with this request, as well as how extensive the changes to the project after the fact can be.

What Video Formats Will You Give Me?

Video editors can often supply their clients with different video formats to suit their needs. For example, you might want to have something in full 1080p high definition to enjoy on your TV at home or something in HD that you can post online and send the link to family and friends. Conversely, you might be looking for something of a lower resolution that can play quickly on mobile devices for your staff or customers. In many cases, you may wish to have the video given to you in multiple resolutions, so make sure that the editor can address this request in advance.