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Four Unique Wedding Floral Bouquets For Your Special Day

When it comes to wedding decorations, you might be stumped on having wedding bouquets make a splash when you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle. There are a few unique options that florists can provide depending on the style and season of your wedding. Here are four unique wedding bouquet ideas you might want to incorporate into your special day.

1. Opt for Greenery over Flowers

A pretty a winter bouquet can incorporate the beauty of the season with pine needles, branches, and pinecones. This sturdy bouquet that can be interspersed with berries and holly to bring in a splash of color. On the flipside, pulling from the tropics, large palm or banana leaves can be interspersed with small orchids. These flowers will add accents, but the overall bouquet with lush green leaves will hold up on their own.

2. Succulents for the Summer

Great for a seaside or desert wedding, succulents are hearty and will look great throughout both your wedding and reception. These can complement a light, airy wedding with light greens, purples and yellows that can all be incorporated depending on succulents used. Succulents can even be arranged in a way that will make these plantable after your wedding for memories for years to come.

3. Incorporate Feathers and Dried Flowers

If you want your bridesmaids to have a keepsake for your wedding, a floral bouquet that looks alive but won't wither after your event can be perfect. By incorporating dried flowers, branches, and feathers, this style of bouquet can be beautiful and rustic at the same time. Flowers that dry well and keep their color and shape are larkspur, lavender, and baby's breath. Silk butterflies or other creations can be whimsical additions as well. While live flowers might not be used, your florist should be able to put together this type of original bouquet with supplies they already have on hand.

4. Sticking to One Type of Flower

A bold statement for wedding bouquets is to go with one type of flower or only one color. This can bring a bold splash of color if your bridesmaid dresses might be muted. If you do opt for simple uniform bouquets, some great options are bunches of roses, hydrangeas, or lilies. These can all look stylish on their own and make a great arrangement.

Be sure to let your florist know about the overall theme of your wedding and the colors that you are working with. If you need advice when it comes to unique arrangements for your wedding bouquets, your florist can give you some fresh ideas that will be specifically designed to go perfectly with your wedding.

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