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Planning A Fundraiser? 3 Ways To Sell More Event Tickets And Raise More Funds

Fundraisers and charity events can be very tricky to organize, especially when the success of your event depends on the success of selling tickets. Here are three ways you can ensure you sell more tickets, which will potentially help you raise more funds:

Early Bird Discounts

When you're looking to increase the attendance to your event, one of the best ways to do so early on is by offering early bird discounts to ticket buyers who are willing to purchase their event tickets in advance. Once a ticket has been purchased, there is a very high chance that they will attend your event. After all, money has already been spent and most people won't want to back out on their psychological commitment. So, even though you will discount the price in order to get those tickets sold, it will be worth it in the end when they show up to your event and help out with your fundraiser, silent auction, etc.

Group Discounts

Who doesn't enjoy a group discount? Whether it is a group of friends looking to land a deal on a table so that they can all ensure they sit together at your fundraising event or affiliates of a prominent crowd who are simply looking to catch themselves a sweet deal, group discounts can help boost ticket sales. In many cases, when it comes to charity events and fundraisers, maximizing event attendance is far better than maximizing ticket revenue. After all, the ticket revenue is going to be what helps to cover the overhead and upfront expenses to plan and pay for the event, while the fundraising/charity event itself is where you are going to really bring in the big bucks.

VIP Early Access

If you really want to make a big splash in ticket sales, you may want to consider holding an exclusive VIP gathering prior to the actual event. Not only does this boost ticket sales and attendance, but it also opens the door to additional opportunities for fundraising. It's an excellent opportunity for you to impress affluent donors and allow them to meet other like-minded individuals. You can take this time to educate your benefactors on how important they are to you and how their donations really make a difference.

In the end, the key is to do what you can to sell tickets to ensure that there are as many people attending your event as possible. The more people that are at your fundraiser, the more money that you can raise to make a difference in the world.

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