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Fans, Fans And More Fans: Different Kinds Of Fans You Can Rent For Different Needs And Events

Judging by the most recent hot temps around the country, it looks like this summer is going to be a scorcher. Are you ready? Are you planning any major events where fans can make a big impact on how things operate? Will you need to keep people and things cool? Here are some examples of the many kinds of fans you can rent and how they can be used for your summer events.

Giant Industrial Fans

For what looks like an enormous box fan and operates like a wind tunnel, these giant industrial fans create some powerful cooling effects, not to mention some major air blasts. The settings on these bad boys is fairly limited, but if you are setting up a stage for a major summer concert and you want to keep the crowd and the stage cool, then these fans may be the perfect solution. Just be sure to set them on "low" and/or make sure they have a setting for "low" before you rent them.

Culinary Fans for Cooling Ice Sculptures

If you are planning to have an ice sculpture of any sort on display at your event, you are definitely going to want some way to keep it cold and keep it from melting too fast. Your caterer can make sure the sculpture stays in a freezer or refrigerated truck until the last minute, but culinary fans can help keep the sculpture from melting too quickly. If you cannot find them where you rent fans for events, ask your caterer if he or she has these devices and is willing to bring them on the day of the event.

Pole-Mountable Fans for Tents

Fans that you can mount onto tent poles are another type of useful summertime fan. Outdoor graduations, weddings and anniversary parties often utilize large tents to keep the sun at bay, but you can also keep your guests cool with these fans. The cords to these little fans easily wraps around the tent poles, up to wind overhead and keep out of the way or down to travel across the yard to the nearest outlet. If you also rent the enormous outdoor tent for your event, you can ask the rental store about these fans so that you can rent it all from the same location. (It may even be possible to rent "ceiling" fans for tents, which hang down from the tent supports above, but these are harder to find.)

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