Talking About Event Planning

3 Steps To Make The Most Of Your Event Space At Your Next Fundraiser

When it comes to event planning for a charity fundraiser, it can take months out of your life. So, you definitely do not want to overlook one of the most important aspects of the planning phase: the flow and functionality of the event space. Here are three steps to ensure that your space is arranged for both convenience and efficiency:

1. Consider Making Use of Signs

It doesn't matter whether it is the coat check, the auction or the bathrooms, your guests need to know where everything is that they may use throughout the duration of the event. As the host of the event, you want these things to be easy to locate with little to no hassle on the part of your guests and volunteers. The best way to eliminate any confusion is to use signage throughout the event venue. If you have someone on your volunteer committee that has artistic abilities, you can enlist their help in illustrating your signage.

One of the most important areas that you need to ensure you have signs for is the auction, especially if you have multiple categories, such as wine, sports, artwork and travel. Unless you're hosting a black-tie fundraising event, you don't have to get too elaborate with your designs and you can stick to standard markers and plain poster board. However, formal events may require something a bit more upscale and professional.

2. Designate an Area for Stand-Up Socializing

Keep in mind that not everyone will want to only associate with those who are sitting at the table with them. Some may see individuals that they have not seen in ages and will want to speak to them to catch up. This can be hard to do if there is not anywhere to mingle. So, you will want to designate an area where social interaction can easily and casually take place. A good place for this may be near the auction items or the bar.

3. Make Sure There's Plenty of Move to Maneuver

Not all fundraising events will incorporate an auction that requires guests to bid on items throughout the evening. Instead, some will take donations at coat check and will consist of a sit-down dinner where there may be musical entertainment. However, this doesn't mean that guests won't get tired of sitting at the tables and want to get up and move around.  To help make sure that your guests don't get too comfortable and want to leave early, you may want to opt for circular tables, as these are easier to walk around and in between than square or rectangular tables when set up in a room. Plus, they tend to help encourage conversation between individuals while sitting at the table.